GRE - The Graduate Record Examinations

GRE General Test is for Graduate and Professional Schools, eventually providing more opportunities for success to the aspiring graduates.

Also, the GRE General test is the only admissions test that allows students to skip questions within a section, go back and change answers.

Prospective Graduates and STEM school applicants from all around the world, who are interested in pursuing a Master’s, specialised Master’s

in Business, MBA or Doctoral degree especially in United States & Canada take the GRE general test.


6 Top Reasons to Take GRE:​

GRE scores help you secure admission in desired Master’s or even Ph.D. programs in Top Universities globally

GRE scores also help you secure a merit-based funding / scholarship for your academic programs

Apart from the Universities offering STEM programs, 1,200+ business schools also accept GRE scores for Top MBA programs

A good GRE score is considered positively by the Visa Officer during your visa interview

GRE scores help the admissions committee of the University or College assess your preparedness for the grad school and your potential for academic success

These scores provide an easily quantifiable ground to the admissions committees to compare your applications with that of other applicants


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