SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT is an international standardized test conducted for getting admission in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom,

Australia, Singapore and Canada. It is held 5 times a year in most of the countries.

The purpose of SAT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for College, and provide Colleges with one common data point

that can be used to compare all applicants’ academic potential.

This exam evaluates the candidates on their written, verbal and mathematical skills. The SAT Subject tests are offered in areas like

Literature, History, Mathematics, Sciences and Foreign Languages.


Types of SAT Test:

SAT-1 is required to be taken by the students seeking admission in to undergraduate schools. SAT-1 is a general test that has been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates.

SAT-2 on the other hand, is a more subject-focused test. Students looking to get admission to a particular course are required to take the SAT Subject Test to demonstrate their knowledge of that particular subject.


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