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Why study in France?

Our Study Abroad Counselling will provide you with helpful tips and consultation about studying abroad including general safety tips, how to pick your program when studying abroad and much more. We also feature student articles describing first-hand the study abroad experience – feel free to send us one!


IELTS/TOEFL not mandatory for admission but having the same will have a positive impact on Visa outcome.

Part time Jobs:

Students can work up to 20hours/week. Typical part time earning is 8‐10 EUR per hour.

Schengen Visa: The student gets a Schengen Visa and normally has access to visit all Schengen Countries.

Internship opportunities in Multinational Companies

Most of the courses have inbuilt 4-6 months internships which may be paid or unpaid.

Paid Internships may come with a stipend of approx. 1000 Euros per month.

Two Intakes: 1+2 years

Summer ‐January/March


Academic percentage –above 60% both for UG and PG.

Application Fees ‐Some Institutions may have application fees of around 100‐175 Euros.

Medium of Instruction –English and IELTS ‐Not required until and unless specified.

Bachelors Level:

Bachelors in Hotel Management •Bachelor in Fashion Management

Bachelor in Management and Business Administration •Bachelor in International # Business/ Trade

Bachelor in Finance, Business, Marketing etc.

Masters Level:


MBA in Luxury Fashion Management, Tourism Management, International Business

Masters in International Business •Masters in Hotel Management

Masters in Wine Business/ Management


Bachelors courses are for 3 years or 4 years depending on the course.

Masters courses generally have a duration ranging between one to two year

Entry Requirements Academics:

Diploma: Minimum 60% in class 12th.

Bachelors: Minimum academic percentage required is around 60% + in class 12th for the students from CBSE

board and 65% + for ICSE/State Board.

Masters: Minimum academic percentage in a Bachelors degree should be second class if the University is falling

under section 1 and 2 of the NOOSR guidelines or first class if the university is falling under the section 3 of the

NOOSR guidelines.

Foundation/Packaged program are available for the students who are not directly eligible for the Bachelors


    Become more independent while studying in a foreign country

    Stand out to future employers with your academic experience abroad

    Improve your English skills no matter what you study abroad

    Super-charge your creative process today.